Notes from a digital veterinary summit: how innovation is changing the future of veterinary care

It’s no surprise that in the twenty first century, digital innovation is bringing change to the way that vets work. This happens at many levels, from vets in clinics using computers, to vets in their own homes offering care via telemedicine, with many other aspects in between. My own new website,, is another example: we are bringing the age old newspaper vet column/ radio spot into the digital world of today, helping pet owners by providing easy access to a high quality of trusted information and advice anywhere, and all the time.

I’m attending a virtual digital veterinary summit over the next two days, watching speakers talk on this topic. Virtual conferences like this have taken off since COVID, with organisers and delegates alike learning how effective they can be. There’s no need to travel to London, New York or San Francisco – we can get together and talk and listen while staying at home. It’s obviously particularly appropriate for a conference about digital innovation to embrace this type of technology.

I’ll be writing ongoing notes on the summit via my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages but my aim is to keep this page up to date too.

Some of the main themes of the conference will be:

  • How the adoption of digital technology in US & European vet clinics has improved workflow and practice productivity
  • How digital technology can support workplace transformation and talent acquisition
  • Telemedicine: new approaches and next steps for virtual care & consultation
  • Collaborative approaches to advancing digital standards in vet practice

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