Pet Subjects in Daily Telegraph 28th October 2018

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Pet Subjects in the Sunday Telegraph 24th February 2019: from dogs pulling too much on the leash to cats with sore paws

Stopping dogs from pulling on the leash, a cat with irritated paws plus a message from the Bee Veterinary Association: Pete's latest column in the Telegraph

Pete’s Pet Subjects column in Sunday Telegraph 17/2/19

A dog refusing to go on walks with one person, how to make it safer to move home with a cat, plus the usual PS plus rescue pet

Pete’s Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 10th February

A rescued Springer who's frightened of her male owner, a 3-cat household with conflict and a new way to help vets guide owners towards ensuring that pets have the best possible care

Pete’s Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 3rd February

Dogs messing in their bed, heated beds for cats and the best way to give good dental home care

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