Sunday Telegraph Pet Subjects 15th April 2019

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Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 29th March 2020

How can I keep my dog entertained and exercised when I'm self isolating? Can my dog be harmed by chewing twigs? And can anyone help to save the Animal Health Trust?

Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 22nd March 2020

Will my dog catch the coronavirus from eating infected tissues? What is being done to stop people breeding pedigree dogs with excessively flat faces? And the new ban on wildlife trade in China

Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 9th March 2020

How will I know that it's time to euthanase my elderly retriever? How can I stop my diabetic cat stealing food? Plus new services offering fresh food for dogs and cats, and the usual rescue animal seeking a home.

Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 2nd March 2020

My Corgi puppy bites and tears my trousers when he gets excited. My elderly cat has started jumping onto the table looking for food. Plus the usual rescue pet.

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