Sunday Telegraph Pet Subjects 15th April 2019

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Pet Subjects column Sunday Telegraph 9th June 2019

A dog barking madly at the front door, a cat with worms, plus free downloadable pet guides from the BSAVA

Pet Subjects column in Sunday Telegraph 2nd June 2019

Could my older dog be tired from too much exercise? And can roosters be kept in a hen flock? My latest column in the Sunday Telegraph

Is my cat trying to communicate with me? Pet Subjects in the Sunday Telegraph 26/5/2019

Is my cat trying to communicate with me? What is the story about removing undescended testicles?

How do I stop my dog eating grass? Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 19/5/2019

How can you stop dogs eating grass? And what do you do about vaccination boosters if your pet has an anaphylactic reaction to a vaccine?

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