Pete’s poultry: a picture story

Hens in my garden: a daily highlight of my life

I’m lucky enough to have a back garden with enough space for a fenced in area which we use to keep poultry: a couple of Indian Runner ducks, a few egg-laying hens, and some non-laying hangers-on that we have become fond of. Here are a few photos of the current crew:

The sound of hens clucking as they scratch around the garden creates a calm, tranquil oasis which is a pleasure to escape to during busy days
This mother hen went broody in the summer, hatching out a couple of fertilised eggs that a friend gave us.
Our two Indian Runner ducks are great companions to each other
Peep hatched from an egg a friend gave us this summer. Small and cute.
And this huge bird, named Carpet Slippers for obvious reasons, hatched out from another egg that we were given. The contrast between this one and Peep is remarkable.
Finzi and Kiko wait outside the poultry pen: they’d love to chase a few feathers!
Sometimes hens get sick: this is Mary, who has gone off her legs. The sling is a way to support her till she gets stronger. She’s been living in our kitchen for the past few weeks.

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