Writing, Articles & Columns

I use my training and experience as a vet in practice and as an animal welfare advocate in the media to write both syndicated and original features and columns for a variety of publishers, newspapers, magazines and online publications. I can provide two types of up-to-date, informed and interesting written work about pets, together with a relevant photograph taken by myself:

I have a collection of previously written newspaper columns and magazine features, of variable length (from 300 to 1000 words), with or without an illustrating photograph. I am able to offer this work at a much more economical price than original work. I organise this syndication myself, as well as through agencies, so again, please contact me directly to find out more.

Newspaper Columns

Since August 2007, I have been writing a weekly pet column in the Saturday edition of the Daily Telegraph – click here to find out more about it. I write regular online pieces for the Telegraph too – click here to read them.

I have written a weekly column for the People Regional Newspaper Group for over twenty years. This column is currently printed in a network of regional newspapers across Ireland, from the Bray People to the Kerryman.

You can see some examples below –

  • Housetraining puppies
  • Canaries with lice
  • Choosing the right dog

I also write a weekly column for the Evening Herald, which is distributed across Ireland. In the past, I have written regular weekly columns for the Farmers Journal and the Evening Press.

Newspaper Features

I write regular feature articles for national newspapers in Ireland, including the Irish Times, Irish Independent and the Irish Examiner.

As an example, I wrote an article about “Designer Dogs” for the Irish Times weekend magazine in 2006:

Magazine Features

I write regular features in many magazines, including a Pet Care supplement that has been published bi-annually for the Sunday Mirror newspaper. I’m a regular contributor to Womans Way magazine in Ireland, and to several animal magazines in the UK. I also write for UK and Irish veterinary publications.

I’ve also written a regular “question and answer” column for Easy Health magazine – some examples are below:

  • Dog worms, cat sneezing, guinea pig cataracts and iguana skin disease.
  • Dog with Alzheimers, cat with cancer, Lyme Disease and a sick parrot.
  • Overweight spaniel, cat with itchy ears, Boxer with sunburn and dying goldfish.

Praise from Editors:

“Pete’s writing is characterised by gentle wit, authority and professionalism.” Jon Stock, Editor, Weekend Section, Daily Telegraph

“Pete provides a complete package, with interesting, varied stories and high quality photographs to illustrate his text. His copy is always on-time and his articles are a popular feature in our weekly ‘Life’ supplement.” Michael Ryan, Group Editor, People Newspapers, Ireland

“Pete produces great work for us every week – really interesting and well-written.” David Diebold, Features Editor, Evening Herald

“No matter how complicated the question is, Pete always gives a clear, easy to understand and well-researched answer. And he is also always happy to help with any further reader queries.” Emma Parkin, Editor, Easy Health Magazine