Dinky is an active 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier

All Dinky seems to want is a best buddy, long walks and lots of toys. He is a joy to be with and having spent time in a foster home, Dinky has come out of his shell and started to show his more affectionate side.

Dinky would like potential adopters to look past his adorable ears and appreciate that he is seeking a very quiet, rural home away from other dogs. An active family who can provide Dinky with ample play sessions and walks will suit him perfectly; even with such tiny legs Dinky could run for miles! It does take Dinky a little time to trust new people, but once a bond has been established he really is a friend for life (and a fun one at that!).

Dinky is seeking an adult-only, pet-free home with minimal visitors or disruptions to his daily routine. He will require multiple meets at the Centre and for this reason he’d like his new family to be within a hours drive of the rehoming centre. Dinky’s family will receive ongoing training and behavioural support throughout his adoption and beyond. Given the right home-life, Dinky will make a fantastic little companion.

Contact Dogs Trust Evesham (Worcestershire) on 01386 830 613 for more information.


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