Bailey is a very handsome 2 year old Lurcher


Bailey is a very handsome 2 year old Lurcher. He came into our care as his owners were working full time and were leaving him alone all day. Bailey is full of energy and loves nothing more than to run around the fields with the other dogs, seeing how fast he can go! Bailey is looking for an active home, where he won’t be left for long periods of time as he does suffer from separation anxiety.

Bailey featured in Pete’s column at the end of last year.


Please see below the lovely update from Bailey’s Forever Home who he shares with another Margaret Green dog called Shadow:

We will never understand how he wasn’t snapped up. He has such a lovely personality and is such a kind boy.  Everyone loves him but he is a dustbin.  If you leave it out you lose it!  He can run like the wind but conversely he sleeps loads and has a bed in the lounge,  kitchen and our bedroom but prefers to stretch out on our bed. 

Shadow, who we adopted also is his polar opposite.  He’s always busy and plays non stop,  they play lovely together but Bailey is the boss.

After nursing then subsequently losing 3 elderly dogs last year these two have been a breath of fresh air. When they play they can be like a whirlwind crashing around but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can find Bailey and Shadow all over social media,  Facebook,  instagram and even Twitter. They have their own hashtags!  #baileythelurcher #shadowthecollie.

We will always be supporters of Margaret Green Animal Rescue, we travelled up from mid Cornwall when looking for a dog as we felt they were the best and will be forever grateful that they allowed us to have Bailey and Shadow.

 From Bailey’s Forever Home.


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