Pet Subjects Rescue

My Pet Subjects column in the Daily Telegraph highlights a different rescue pet every week – from mice to cats and dogs to horses, and many others too.

This section of my website displays photos and information about the weekly rescue pet and, where possible, updates to let you know the outcome.

You can browse all the rescues by category or use the search box to find a particular pet by name.


Pixie is a beautiful white Tortoiseshell cat

Pixie is a very affectionate 13 year-old white Tortoiseshell cat.    She loves to spend time dozing on a bed or a comfortable sofa and will purr and pad when she is given a cuddle.


Rosie needs a special person to love her

Rosie has been challenging, but equally she has been full of love and wanting fuss and cuddles, she can be a different cat when you are on her wavelength with body language and understanding.