Duster and Dustin are cheeky Degus


Say hello to this cheeky pair of degu’s Duster and Dustin. They arrived at the Centre as their previous owner was overrun with Degus and therefore needed our help to find them another home. Dustin is the more confident one of the two and will willingly come over to the door of the cage to investigate. He is a very inquisitive boy and always likes to know what’s going on. Duster is a bit more shy and will need more regular handling to help him grow in confidence.

If you are interested in adopting them, please fill out an application form online at www.rspcaessex.org.uk, or telephone 03001114321.

Duster and Dustin featured in Pete’s column at the end of last year.


Duster and Dustin were successfully rehomed together and are doing well.

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