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    BrayVet and Animal A&E worked together on the latest series

    From animal welfare to pet behaviour, donkeys to dogs, explore over 800 articles by veterinarian Pete Wedderburn.


    Listen to Pete's regular radio podcasts on everything from pet health to topical issues plus answers to listeners questions.

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    Pet Fix Club

    Petfix Club is Pete's initiative to provide high quality online veterinary advice to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

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    Featured rescue animals from Pete's weekly column in the Daily Telegraph, with updates on many of these special pets.

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    Pete appears regularly on television, in the papers and on radio and podcasts. Here's where to catch up with the latest:

    Podcast: stories from a vet clinic. The dog that swallowed a stone | East Coast Radio

    In this week’s vet spot, we discussed a recent case from my clinic, when a dog needed an operation to remove a stone that had accidentally been ..

    Pat Kenny Show vet spot: a new vet school, pet grooming plus questions from listeners | Pat Kenny Show

    In this week’s vet spot on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show, we discussed plans for a new vet school in Ireland, and we went on to discuss groomi ..

    Podcast: Helping pets stay warm in cold weather | Spirit Radio

      I spoke with Jacki on Spirit Radio about keeping pets warm in cold weather. You can listen to the short podcast by clicking on the link below. ..



    Niva, a five year old Greysther from Norway https://t.co/ufroUO5HGw

    @MidLifeCoach1 @Tommedian @RTEOne That was the first time I've heard someone articulate that "gay married men" may… https://t.co/IdSnkcIlu7

    Three people sent to jail for animal cruelty in Cashel. This is the first time that I can recall that jail sentence… https://t.co/GgG1oAKhgB


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