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    Animal Welfare

    Read, listen and watch to learn more about animal welfare issues in the UK and Ireland

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    Animal A - Zed

    From tortoises to tortoiseshell cats, Pete's articles cover all kinds of animals!

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    BrayVet and Animal A&E worked together on the latest series

    Article Library

    From animal welfare to pet behaviour, donkeys to dogs, explore over 800 articles by veterinarian Pete Wedderburn.

    Pete the Vet recording his weekly pet podcast


    Listen to Pete's regular radio podcasts on everything from pet health to topical issues plus answers to listeners questions.


    Rescue Tails

    Featured rescue animals from Pete's weekly column in the Daily Telegraph, with updates on many of these special pets.

    Recently in the Media:

    Pete appears regularly on television, in the papers and on radio and podcasts. Here's where to catch up with the latest:


    After-hours cover for pets: are vets obliged to be available? | Pat Kenny Show

    This week, on Newstalk's Pat Kenny Show vet spot, we considered the issue of the availability of vets for after-hours emergencies.


    Dog attacks: why do we never analyse what actually happens? Why the secrecy? | East Coast Radio

    The latest dog attack in the UK, where a baby was killed and a toddler was seriously injured, was reportedly carried out by a dog resembling a Staffor ..


    How to help dogs with arthritis plus listeners’ pet questions on the Pat Kenny Show | Pat Kenny Show

    Arthritis – stiffness and lameness in dogs Arthritis (technically called “osteoarthritis”, or “degenerative joint diseaseR ..



    Chicken music. I need one of these in our hen run Joyce! https://t.co/wa1gOCmw8p

    The Guardian editorial is on zoos today: not too outspoken, but gently saying it's time to rethink the need for... https://t.co/2ho1woMSTT

    This week, on Newstalk's Pat Kenny Show vet spot, we considered the issue of the availability of vets for... https://t.co/CAvDUBNclg


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