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    BrayVet and Animal A&E worked together on the latest series

    From animal welfare to pet behaviour, donkeys to dogs, explore over 800 articles by veterinarian Pete Wedderburn.


    Listen to Pete's regular radio podcasts on everything from pet health to topical issues plus answers to listeners questions.

    Petfix Club

    Pet Fix Club

    Petfix Club is Pete's initiative to provide high quality online veterinary advice to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

    Rescue Tails

    Featured rescue animals from Pete's weekly column in the Daily Telegraph, with updates on many of these special pets.

    Recently in the Media:

    Pete appears regularly on television, in the papers and on radio and podcasts. Here's where to catch up with the latest:

    The Petfix Vet Spot on RTE’s Today Show: arthritis in pets | RTE

     In this week's Petfix Vet Spot on the Today Show, we discussed arthritis in pets. You can watch the video by following the link.

    The Petfix vet spot on the Today Show: barking, meowing and purring | RTE

     Thanks to Petfix, I've started a new series of Vet Spots on RTE's Today Show.

    Two vets – Ben Sweeney and Pete Wedderburn – talk about how the vet profession has changed in 35 years

    Ben Sweeney has been qualified as a vet for twelve years, while Pete qualified thirty five years ago.



    Watch these terriers chasing a wandering bear out of a Californian home. I'm relieved we don't have to worry about… https://t.co/6btRH8oIZT

    The Petfix Vet Spot on RTE's Today Show: arthritis in pets https://t.co/MojEEORfLu

    RT @PetfixClub: Petfix Club vet Pete Wedderburn talks to Daithi on RTE Today about the signs of arthritis, and how to manage a pet… https://t.co/B7lOq1wRXD


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