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    Featured rescue animals from Pete's weekly column in the Daily Telegraph, with updates on many of these special pets.

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    Helping pets emerge from COVID lockdown: discussion on Ireland AM | Ireland AM

    This week on VMTV's Ireland AM, Pete was joined by Marina Fiddler of Madra.

    Dogs trained to sniff out COVID-19: vet spot on Ireland AM | Ireland AM

    Watch this video from Ireland AM.

    Pete the Vet on IrelandAM via Google Hangouts discussing COVID-19 and pets | Ireland AM

    This week on Ireland Am, I addressed some of the common questions that pet owners have about COVID-19 and the animals in their lives.


    • Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 21st June 2020

      My latest Telegraph column. Post-lockdown separation anxiety in dogs, coping with allergies by humans to cats, the latest figures from a UK pet census, and a cross-bred Labrador who needs a home.

    • Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 14th June 2020

      Are cats classified in the same bracket as "wild animals"? How can I stop my Collie reacting to airplanes flying overhead? Plus a UK charity for homeless people's pets wins a top international prize

    • Pet Subjects in Sunday Telegraph 6th June 2020

      Choosing another cat for a home that already has an adult cat, training a puppy to be calm around other dogs, brachycephalic dogs banned in the Netherlands, plus the usual rescue animal.


    Noodles is a 5 year old terrier who loves chocolate https://t.co/j4ZxQ2kiPC

    Jet is an affectionate 3 year old lurcher https://t.co/p1Du62I38w

    RT @SethAbramson: COVID-19 {please retweet} 1️⃣ 2x more contagious than the flu. 2️⃣ 5x to 10x deadlier than the flu. 3️⃣ Kills 20x… https://t.co/IBxsn3YDkc


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