My Dog Thinks He’s Human: 50 Ways to a Happy Healthy Pet

By Pete Wedderburn

Tips and suggestions on health and training to help you and your dog have more fun together.


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Dogs share our homes and our lives in a closer way than any other pet. A dog becomes a part of the family, included in photographs and storytelling as if he was one of the human children. Humans often treat their dogs like little humans, and so it’s no wonder that dogs often seem to behave in human-like ways. Yet dogs are above all… dogs. And to be happy pets, they need to be treated like dogs, and they need to think that they are dogs.

That doesn’t mean that you need to be a tough disciplinarian at all times, nor do you need to whisper quiet messages into your dog’s ears. But you do need to discover that sometimes the best way to treat your dog is different to what you may feel like doing.

There are times for spoiling dogs, and times for being more assertive. Every dog is different, and whilst there are no universal rules, it is possible to have broad guidelines that apply to every dog and owner. That’s what this book is about. It includes fifty suggestions for looking after your dog in the best possible way, including tips on health and training.

Publisher: Spruce | ISBN: 1846013393

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