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All about Guinea pigs | Newstalk

This week in my regional newspaper column I focussed on Guinea pigs – great little pets – read my piece here – sorry, it’s subscription only but free content is also available, ..

Toby the 8 year old cat

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVES:Toby often greets Miriam when she comes home from work. He’s there, on the doorstep, looking up at her, purring.

Nigel the baby pigeon

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVESGrace was playing with friends in a local park last week when she saw something surprising: the tiny head of a small bird sticking up out of the long grass.

Daisy the eight year old Chihuahua

Many pet owners now have their female dogs spayed when they are young: there’s good evidence that it prevents certain cancers as well as avoiding some other serious illnesses as dogs grow older.