Toby the 8 year old cat

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVES:Toby often greets Miriam when she comes home from work. He’s there, on the doorstep, looking up at her, purring.

Mischa is a feral cat who has become tame

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVESRene first came across Mischa when she turned up at the back door of his partner Alison’s workplace.  She was a typical feral cat, terrified of people but never aggressive.

Five dogs and four cats in Greece

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVESHolidays can be an expensive luxury: as well as the cost of air flights to reach your destination, you need to pay for accommodation and often a rental car to get around.

Bluebell is a ten year old cat

THIS STORY IS FROM OUR ARCHIVESAs an older cat, Bluebell lives a calm, quiet life. She spends her day snoozing in the sunshine or strolling around the garden, never venturing far from the house.