Petfix Club

Petfix Club aims to offer the best possible experience for pets and their owners by helping you attain and maintain optimal health, fitness, wellbeing and lifespan for your pet.

Your vet is important in helping to maintain your pet’s health and of course in looking after sick or injured pets. But sometimes you just need a little expert advice. Should you make that after hours call? Do you really need to worry about that weird thing your cat is suddenly doing? What sort of food should you feed your elderly dog?

Petfix Club is Pete’s initiative to provide affordable, trustworthy and high quality online veterinary advice to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

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It is a unique online community of animal professionals which you can join for exclusive access to personalised advice for all of your pets, as well as professional tips to help you ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy from its earliest days and through all stages of life.

Each of your pets can benefit from:

  • A personalised wellbeing plan
  • Hundreds of veterinary articles, videos and Q+A’s that you can consult at any time
  • Direct access to Pete the Vet and his team for your pet-related questions
  • Scheduled worm and flea treatments delivered to your home

In addition to veterinary content there are a range of member services, many with exclusive discounts for members, including

  • A handy directory of pet services in your area, such as pet sitters and groomers
  • An online store providing quality products to give your pet the best care possible, with a wide range of nutritious foods, toys and environments to live in, all carefully selected by our team.
  • An active online community platform of like-minded pet lovers to share experiences, stories and photographs, and enter competitions.

For more information about becoming a member, visit the Petfix Club website.

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