Bear is a 3 year old Doberman cross

Woof! It’s me, Bear. OK so this is my serious face.
I’ve been here at the rescue centre for FIVE months. All that time I’ve watched all the other dogs fly in and straight out again as they get rehomed so quickly these days. Whereas me – who wants me? No one. It’s ok, I understand why. Everyone wants a nice easy dog. And due to no fault of my own, that just isn’t me.
I’m only 3 years old. And I’m a nice boy and a great friend to have once we know each other. But due to human circumstances beyond my control, when I was younger I was not walked or socialised with other dogs. Consequently I find everything a bit difficult.
The nice humans here have been helping me to learn how to go for walks and how to feel less stressed and less reactive to everyone and everything when I’m out. But now I’m really hoping for a nice new owner who can continue to work with me and help me to learn that the world is not such a scary place. This is going to take some work, a lot of patience and some time to build that bond of trust.
I am looking for a home with PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE OF LARGE BREEDS. A quiet home with NO CHILDREN OR OTHER PETS, where I can be the apple of someone’s eye and the centre of their universe. What a brilliant life we’ll have together too! You’ll see – but it will take some time and work to help me learn to feel less stressed in the world.
Could this special person be you? Please, I’ve got everything crossed! If you meet the criteria, the humans would love you to fill out a form and we’ll take it from there.
I can’t wait to meet you! Please get in touch soon!
-love Bear  x

Bear featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 28th March 2021








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