Casino is a sweet natured Greyhound

Casino is a sweet-natured dog with a sensitive side. He is between 2 and 5 years of age. He likes human company but wants to be fussed on his own terms. Casino really likes meeting other dogs and would benefit from living with another one in the home, however this is not essential. Casino cannot live with cats or have neighbouring cats that visit the garden. Casino was housetrained in his previous home, he will need to have recall training before being allowed off the lead.

Casino would be suitable for first time owners as long as they read up on his breed traits. He needs a home with a fair-sized garden which is fully secure. He will be fine with visitors, Casino needs some training to get him more comfortable with the car so would be unsuitable for people who travel long distances regularly. Once settled, Casino will be fine to be left for a few hours.

To come and meet Casino call Dogs Trust West London (Harefield) on 01895 453930.

Casino featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 4th August 2019.



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