Dali is a 4 year old neutered male cat.


Dali features earlier this year in the Telegraph.

Dali is a 4 year old neutered male cat. He is a confident boy, very clever – he responds to a whistle, sits and catches treats! Dali would be great in a stables or country home where he can go exploring, he needs to be the only cat.

Contact Bath Cats & Dogs Home for more info on him 01225 787321 or visit our website www.bcdh.org.uk

What happened next?

Dali has been homed successfully and he is very happy in his new home. Owner Sarah says: “Dali is a beautiful cat who settled in immediately. He is cheeky, adventurous, and is always busy exploring and catching mice. When I work at home, he lies on my desk. He is just magic.

He really is the most beautiful boy, I am utterly smitten with him, the best decision I ever made.”

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