Rossi is a Johnson’s American Bulldog

Rossi featured in Pete’s Pet subjects column in January 2016.

Rossi is an 8 year old Johnson’s American Bulldog. He has been in the care of K9 Crusaders and Support Adoption For Pets for over two years now after being nursed back to health after being found with injuries that affected his back legs. After gruelling treatment and intense physiotherapy by the rescue, Rossi is ready for his forever home. Rossi has a huge presence and is a strong character, and he loves people that love him. He is an easy going dog that loves affection. He needs someone that can match him in terms of size and personality and they will make a great partnership. Although good on a lead and obedient, his new owner needs to be physically able to walk a dog of his size and ideally they will be an experienced dog owner that knows when to say no to him.

As he is slightly older, he doesn’t need to be over exercised or walked for miles but he does a good daily walk. A home with a good-sized outdoor space would suit him, particularly as he loves to sunbathe in the warmer weather!

If you are interested in providing Rossi with a forever home please contact or call 01872 560232


Rossi is still in kennels and is waiting for someone to fall in love with him.

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