Bandit is a friendly 9 month old collie

Bandit is a 9 month old entire tri coloured medium coated collie. He came into our care from his own home due to his owner being at work all day.
A happy friendly boy that has interacted well with adults, children and other medium/large dogs. He does often get over excited or in some cases frustrated and will “mouth” and “nip” at hands/clothing this can sometimes be extreme so he would be better suited to someone that has had collies before and a calm home without young children.
In his original home he was good being left alone long hours but in another home even though he wasn’t left he did chew on the corners of furniture. He isn’t yet fully housetrained and does lunge at traffic when out walking. Although he has lived with a cat he does chase them. Travels well in the car but doesn’t like being the boot area.

Contact: Border Collie Trust GB on 01889 577058 or visit

Bandit featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 17th December 2017.


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