Bennie is a super Jack Russell terrier cross


Bennie is 8 years old. He has come all the way from Ireland. He was a pet from a pup but was given up to an Irish charity (PAWS rescue). We think he could be Jack Russell terrier cross Dachshund due to his long body shape and head, but cannot be sure. His legs are bowed due to birth defect and don’t appear to cause him any trouble.

Bennie is a fab pet, but hates being left alone so needs someone who is around a lot and could help him with his separation anxiety. I have been fostering Bennie and he likes to get UNDER the duvet – so cute and he carries his own lead when you go for a walk. Again, extremely stressed in kennels.

Here is his profile:

Contact Blue Cross Hertfordshire rehoming centre on 0300 777 1490

Bennie featured in Pete’s column in April 2017.


Bennie has been successfully rehomed and is getting on well in his new home.



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