Boots is a 10 year old cat who has had it tough


Boots is a 10-year-old cat who hasn’t had much luck, having already had three homes. At some point in his early life he had an accident which left him blind in one eye and with a slightly misaligned jaw, though neither of these mishaps affect him in any way. When Boots came into care it was discovered that he was diabetic and has since been put on insulin to control this. He is now ready to find a permanent and understanding home with an owner who will be able to give him insulin injections twice a day. He is also on a special diet. Despite all he has been through, Boots has a loving and funny personality. If you think you could give him a good home, please contact Cats Protection’s Taunton & Wellington Branch on 03452 602 397. To see cats in need of homes in your area, please visit Reg charity 203664 (England and Wales) SCO37711 (Scotland).

Boots featured in Pete’s column in July 2017


Boots was adopted shortly after he featured in Pete’s column. He is happy in his new home.

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