Brody is a lovable 5 year old Labrador

With his huge smile, love of cuddles and happy-go-lucky personality- it’s hard not to fall in love with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Brody. But Battersea staff know it will not be easy to find this lovable, five-year-old black Labrador a home. Although you would never guess it when you see him happily playing with his human and canine friends, Brody has Lumbosacral Disease-a condition similar to arthritis of the spine.

Brody was brought into Battersea’s Old Windsor centre because his owner’s circumstances changed and they were no longer able to take care of him. His condition means this lovable, cuddle-monster can’t play rough-and-tumble games with other dogs and as he gets older he is likely to need ongoing medical treatment.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Old Windsor Centre Manager Kaye Mughal says: “Brody is such an affectionate dog and all the Battersea staff love to sit with him and have cuddles and kisses. But we urgently need to find our resident snuggle-lover a home. He’s a super happy boy, but ultimately the kennels are not a good long-term environment for a dog with his condition so we want to get him into a new home as quickly as we can.” “We know it’s going to be hard to find the perfect family for Brody- but we’re crossing our fingers for a Christmas miracle. We know there’s a special home out there for him, where he can have all the cuddles and attention he deserves.”

Brody loves children and other dogs, but because of his medical condition he’ll be looking for a home where he’s the only pooch and with older children only. If you could give Battersea’s broken boy the Christmas miracle of a home, please ring 01784 494 443 or email

Brody featured in Pete’s column in December 2016.


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