Cady is a special 4 year old cat


My name is Cady, I’m 4 years old and I’m a very special cat. I arrived here at The Centre on the 11th November 2016 because my owners found my behaviour to be too temperamental and they were expecting a new baby. The truth is I can be a little bit grumpy sometimes, but it’s mostly only when I come out of my pen and can smell the other cats around me (I don’t really like the other cats). But I can actually be a very friendly girl and I do enjoying having a fuss made of me. I have now started to enjoy being brushed and will come and sit on your lap for some strokes. I would love to find a new owner that understands me and my personality and will know me so well that they know how I’m feeling. I would not be suitable to live with children but I will make a great addition to someone’s home. Please someone take a chance on me. If you are interested in adopting me please call The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre on 01243 641409, email or check out our website

Cady featured in Pete’s column in September 2017


Cady was rehomed from The Centre after being with us for over 9 months. While at The Centre she was a friendly girl but she could be a little naughty at times or when she had seen other cats. She has now happily settled into a new loving home, she is very well behaved with her new owner and she loves to tell all the other cats in the street off.


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