Chalupa and Pudding are two beautiful female rabbits

The Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre would love to introduce you to two beautiful female rabbits called Chalupa and Pudding. Chalupa who is the brown lop is 2 years old and Pudding is Chalupa’s daughter who is 10 months old and grey. Chalupa arrived at The Centre in February 2020 after her owner was unable to bond her with their rabbit, but not long after she arrived she gave birth to Pudding. Pudding and Chalupa get on really well and we would love to be able to find them a home together, they can often be found grooming each other although Pudding will tell her mum off when she’s being too clingy. These two can be a little bit naughty, well mostly Pudding but they are usually happy to have strokes when you have them on your lap. Sadly, these two keep getting overlooked and have now been at The Centre longer than any of the other rabbits or guinea pigs. Pudding has been here her whole life and as much as we try to give her love we would prefer she had a home with an owner who has lots of time to spend with her. We would love to be able to find these two a home with an experience rabbit owner who understands what rabbits can be like and that these two may give you the odd nip. Chalupa and Pudding would not be suitable to live in a home with children.

If you think you may be able to offer Chalupa and Pudding a loving home please give the centre a call on 01243 641409 or visit our website

Chalupa and Pudding featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 24th January 2021.

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