Eddie Hall is a 5 year old tabby & white rescue


Due to spending many years roaming the streets, Eddie Hall got himself into a series of scraps and scrapes, and came to us with more than a few scratches and feeling generally under the weather. A health check discovered he is FIV+, which is an incurable condition resulting in a weaker immune system. He can and should live a relatively normal life with a little extra TLC, including keeping him indoors and administering regular flea and worming treatments and keeping up to date on his vacations.

Eddie Hall is therefore looking for a cosy companion or companions with whom he can live a long and relaxed life; and due to his grown up, independent nature is searching for an adult-only home with no other pets. He can happily be left for full working day, but would love attention and affection in the evenings – his weakness is food, and he eats like he’s training for World’s Strongest Cat (which we believe he’d win!) He is much looking forward to finding a place and lap to call his own.

Visit themayhew.org for more information.

Eddie Hall featured in Pete’s column in December 2018


We are pleased to say Eddie Hall found his perfect home just after Christmas, and settled in with his new owner the day before New Year. He is doing very well and enjoying life as a house cat in West London!

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