Eric and Trinity are looking for a home together


Eric (13yrs) and Trinity (14yrs) are a wonderful older couple looking for a quiet home for their final years together. They can live with slightly older children. Eric (ginger and white) loves fuss and attention and has a beautiful purr. He likes to be brushed. Trinity (black and white) can be a little shy to start but is also very sweet and affectionate. We would love to find this elderly pair a home together for their retirement years. If you can offer Trinity and Eric a home please call 01225 787321 or visit

Eric and Trinity featured in Pete’s column on Saturday 31st December 2016.


The O’Brien family adopted these two lovely cats, and here is a┬ámessage from them: Just to give you an update on how Eric and Trinity (now Hattie) are doing. Actually, we were so lucky – from the moment they walked out of their pet carrier, they made themselves right at home. Hattie found a ledge on one of the bookshelves to feel safe on, but was exploring within half an hour. Eric settled in straight away and jumped on the sofa. He had a good look around, and then went to …sleep.

They are really amazing cats, and we love them so much. They are also full of life and get up and go. You would never think they are 13 and 14. We let them out for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Hattie loves to explore around the garden, and watches the birds and neighbourhood squirrel from under a hedge. She also ventures onto the flat roof sometimes, but doesn’t go any further. Eric just checks there are no Toms around and then goes straight inside for a nap. Many thanks to Bath Cats and Dogs home for all their help in the rehoming process.

The above pic is of Eric and Hattie in their new home.


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