Handsome Ken is looking for a flock of hens


Ken was found wandering around a park six months ago and was taken in by a charity volunteer. However now he has reached maturity he is desperate to settle down with a flock of hens. He constantly wants some attention and is very friendly. He even falls asleep on the lap of his foster carer.

Kindly Ken is hoping with his affable nature and fine-looking feathering that his fortune will change this Valentine’s Day, as are the other cockerels on the British Hen Welfare Trust’s website.

 If you think Ken might be just the cockerel your hens are looking for, please consider giving the gift of love in feathered form. For more information visit www.bhwt.org.uk/cockerels today.

Ken featured in Pete’s column earlier this year.


I’m happy to say that handsome Ken found himself a lovely new home.

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