Jake the Chihuahua and Holly the Yorkshire Terrier


Jake, a 7 year-old Chihuahua and Holly, an 8 year-old Yorkshire Terrier are an adorable pair who are looking for an experienced and patient home where someone will be with them all the time.  They could happily be rehomed as companion dogs, providing that their new home has a secure garden that they could run around and play in. Holly especially loves chasing tennis balls!

Jake is more independent and can be wary of more formal handling. Holly is shyer than Jake and can be worried about meeting new people. Although Holly takes lots of confidence from Jake, her new owner will need to let Holly do things at her own pace.

They do not like other dogs and new areas can scare them as they were not walked in their previous home. They would be happiest with a garden for playtimes and an owner who is always there for them. Jake and Holly can live with teenagers but not younger children.

This adorable pair will be loving companions. To find out more about adopting Jake and Holly call Bath Cats and Dogs Home on 01224 787321 or email rehoming@bcdh.org.uk

Jake and Holly featured in Pete’s column in March 2019


Holly and Jake are well and happy. Holly is full of mischief on a daily basis and the light of her new owner’s life…she is with her constantly, either on her lap or at her feet. Holly and Jake play together beautifully and they still adore each other.




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