Jimmy is a lovely 5 year old Greyhound


Lover of fuss and attention, Jimmy the five-year-old Greyhound enjoys the company of other large dogs, especially those with a calm nature. Jimmy loves his food so whilst he doesn’t know any commands yet, Dogs Trust Harefield’s canine carers are sure he is the ideal candidate to become a fast learner! His new owners will need to understand sighthounds, and be willing to help continue Jimmy’s training. He can live with similar sized canine companions but no cats or other small furries. The location of his home could be any in terms of town or country as long as he has access to a private garden there, and he will cope very well with visitors – he can also live with children over the age of twelve.

Visit www.thegreyhoundforum.com to find out more.

Jimmy featured in Pete’s column in February 2018


Jimmy has found himself a new home and he is very happy.

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