Nemo and Dory the Chihuahuas

Nemo (male, black and white, 5½ years) and Dory (female, tan, 6½ years) are two Chihuahuas who have been with the centre since early January. They’ve lived together since Nemo was 10 weeks old and are very closely bonded. They are very sweet and affectionate and love to cuddle, but are quite sensitive and looking for a quiet home. Nemo and Dory are scared of other dogs and so are looking for understanding owners who are happy to avoid other dogs on walks. They walk beautifully on lead and don’t need much exercise – they’d much rather be cuddled up on a nice warm lap in a spot of sunshine! However, poor Nemo has got luxating patellas and poor hip definition, so is on painkillers long term to keep him comfortable. Dory is generally fit and healthy but typical of the breed has had dry eyes in the past and might need treatment in the future if it flares up again. These two have got buckets of personality and lots of love to offer their new family, but sadly their medical needs seem to be putting off a lot of potential new owners.

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Support Adoption For Pets, the UK’s largest grant giving animal charity, has launched its brand new Charity of the Year initiative, which sees rescue centres across the UK building relationships with local Pets at Home stores, to work together in raising vital funds for the rescues. Blue Cross Burford Rehoming Centre is one of the rescues involved in the initiative, with the relationship offering a unique chance for rescues to raise awareness of their work in the local community.

Nemo and Dory featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 28th July 2019.

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