Daisy and Muffin, two 6 year old cats.


Daisy and Muffin featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph earlier this year.

Daisy and Muffin are both 6 year old female tabby and white cats that came into Cats Protection together and so would like to be homed together. They love a fuss and if possible would like a quiet home with a garden.

If you live in the Eastbourne area and want to find out more about adopting Daisy and Muffin, or to see cats in need of homes in your area, please visit www.cats.org.uk and put your postcode into the ‘Find a cat’ tool at the top left hand side of the page.

What happened next?

Muffin and Daisy were both homed together and are enjoying their time in a loving forever-home in Eastbourne, and there is not much more to say other than “it was love at first sight”.

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