Pet Subject Rescue Lilo and Stitch are a pair of young ferrets


Lilo and Stitch featured in November 2013.

Lilo and Stitch are a pair of young ferrets; Lilo is a four month old female whilst Stitch is a four month old male. They are looking for a fun home together and would suit first time owners.

They spend most of their time playing, play fighting and snoozing together. In fact they do everything together. They love to be handled and spend time with you since they are very inquisitive and like to check out what you are doing. Because they are only young they still need to learn a few house rules and ‘ferret manners’ such as bite inhibition. We have already started their training and can give you further tips to help you along your way. Reference BS25452/4

To find out more please visit  or call (01225) 787 321.

What happened next?

Lilo and Stitch are now swinging from the rafters (in a pair of jeans!) in Wotton-Under-Edge with the Woodland family. They can still be a bit ‘bitey’ though but are slowly getting used to being handled. They have calmed down considerably since their arrival. They are very inquisitive and like nothing better than exploring their makeshift hammock made from an old pair of jeans. Inevitably, exploration on this kind of scale will often result in a group cuddle and a snooze in their outdoor cage. Exhausting work!!

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