Pet Subject Rescue Mulan and Jessica, a pair of grey gerbils


Mulan and Jessica featured in October 2013

Mulan and Jessica are a pair of grey gerbils, they are both female and only 2 months old. They are full of beans and love to have ‘adventures’ in the gerbilarium we have here onsite. An ideal first pet for any child since they love being handled and checking out their surroundings. Reference BS25361/2

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What happened next?

Mulan and Jessica, or Jessie as she now likes to be called (after Jessie from Toy Story), are gerbils and they live with their new family in Trowbridge. Mulan and Jessie have settled down nicely. However, they are still a little nervous about being picked up. They do venture out of their cage especially if it’s for a treat such as dried raisin or a pumpkin seed (or three!). They simply love to chew – chewing on cardboard is without doubt their favourite past-time.

They are very funny to watch. For example, Mulan likes to kick the sand out of their sandpit whilst Jessie likes to kick it back in! They do behave a lot like meerkats, standing on their back legs and looking out for the ‘invisible enemy’.

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