Bailey, a young male staffie.

Bailey featured on 28th June 2013

This is Bailey, a young male staffie.  Bailey is looking for a special home as he was born deaf. He can lead a normal life the same as any other dog, but you just have to be aware for him.  

Deaf dogs are usually extra clever and attentive as they use their other senses even more than a normal dog.  They are trained by using hand signals and Bailey knows his basic signals already. This poor boy has been in kennels now for several months and is beginning to get depressed as he keeps getting overlooked.

Bailey is a really friendly dog who loves being with people and he doesn’t seem bothered by other dogs either, he is very friendly and waggy when he see other dogs. He really is a big softie and is desperate for a family of his own to love and give him the attention he so deserves. He is quite strong on the lead at the moment but he is so desperate to get out of his kennel and go for a walk. When he is let loose in the field he doesn’t charge off he is happy to stay around you and keeps coming back to you for reassurance and a cuddle.  

If you are looking for a very special friend and want to give a very deserving dog a great home please get in touch and come and meet Bailey. Contact Dogs Friends @ 07977808645


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