Biscuit is a 2 year old Mongrel.


Biscuit features last August 2014 in the Telegraph.

Biscuit is an intelligent, energetic youngster who also has sensitive side. He is currently in a foster home as he was finding kennel life very stressful. He is now looking for experienced new owners to continue to provide him with guidance, training and socialisation. Biscuit will certainly keep you on your toes but he is so rewarding to train. His foster carers describe him as a very happy dog – almost always wagging his tail unless he is too tired! Biscuit enjoys playing with toys and will happily amuse himself, calm and constructive games should be encouraged. Biscuit loves treats and should be used as a training tool. He has been learning lots of commands in his foster home and has now mastered: sit, down, paw, other paw, away and no. He is working on leave, stay, watch and off. Biscuit is also housetrained and a good traveller in the car. Biscuit is keen to meet other dogs and can be over excited at times, once relaxed he enjoys a game. Due to the need for consistent one to one training Biscuit should be the only dog in his new home. Biscuit is looking for experienced new owners who have a knowledge and understanding of bull breeds to help him reach his full potential as he is going to need plenty of training and patience. In experienced hands and with further guidance Biscuit should make a fun and loving dog in his new home. Biscuit is currently in a foster home, if you would like any further information on him please contact the Old Windsor site on 01784 494443. Visit

What happened next?

Poor Biscuit is still looking for a home. He has been in Battersea now for 630 days!

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