Bud is a lovely Lurcher.

Bud featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph on Saturday 7th November¬†2015.

Name: Bud; Age: 6 Years 10 Months: Breed; Lurcher: Sex: Male; Centre: Old Windsor; Reference: 036254. Bud is a Greyhound Collie cross who is just oozing personality. This clever boy knows all his basic commands and has an excellent recall. Naturally as a Lurcher he loves to chase, and has shown to love chasing wildlife and can sometimes get a little over excited around other dogs. Because of this he will need to be kept on lead at all times when out and about, but would do well with a large garden at home so he can chase all the tennis balls you can throw. While he has enjoyed the company of other dogs he would be best suited to a home as the only pet in the household. Bud shows huge potential, he is incredibly affectionate and just loves to be with people. If you think you could offer Bud a home please contact Battersea Old Windsor on 01784 494 443.

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