Chi Chi and Chequers are friendly Staffies


Chi Cgi and Chequers featured in Pete’s column in 2014.

Chi Chi and Chequers are two Staffies who have just entered their tenth year and absolutely love to be made a fuss of and indulge in their love of cuddles. They’re looking for a home with children over 10 as they can be a bit boisterous and can forget their size. In the right home with some home comforts they will be great additions. Contact Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre on 01895 453 930 or visit

What happened next?

Chi Chi has been homed successfully but unfortunately Chequers is still waiting for a new home.

Here is an update  from Chequers new owners Matt and Julie.

On 4 July 2014, you printed an article “Rescue Pets of the Week” which featured 2-Staffies Chi Chi and Chequers. Chequers is the gormless-looking one in the background!!!

We just wanted to let you know that we rehomed Chequers in January 2015. We had just over 3 amazing years with him. He really was the best boy and we had such fun. We took him on all our holidays with us. In fact he came everywhere with us. He loved going to Matt’s mum and dads to do their garden. And when you gave him a football, he was an absolute nutter!! He would dribble the ball around the garden. It was so funny!

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to him in April 2018, due to really bad arthritis in his elbow. He was blind and deaf and also started to show signs of dementia. As you can imagine, we are heartbroken.

We know from Dogs’ Trust Harefield, that both Chi Chi and Chequers were rehomed together in 2014, but unfortunately the new owners sent Chequers back and kept Chi Chi. We had just lost our last dog and weren’t ready to rehome, but I kept this picture from your article on my wall and also went on the Dogs’ Trust website for more information on him. When in December 2014 we were ready to rehome, we went straight to Dogs Trust Harefield to see him, and visited him 7-8 times before we brought him home. He had been in Dogs’ Trust for over a year, and was very depressed. So sad.



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