Diesel the boxer.


Diesel the boxer appeared in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last year.

Diesel is approx 6 yrs old,  he has come to us in the rescue centre from the pound . The staff at the pound kept him longer than they should have just because he is such a lovely boy. He walks beautifully on the lead , loves the car and is typical Boxer bouncy. Diesel isn’t sure how to react around other dogs, some he ignores, some he pulls towards and…if they bark at him  he barks back. As his history is unknown Diesel will not be rehomed  with children. If you can offer this lovely boy a home then please contact Sharon Connors on 01908 317399 or Sharon.connors@hcbw.org.uk

What happened next?

Diesel came in as a stray. Everyone loved him but we just could not find him a home.  We had an enquiry but Diesel just did not fit the shape, size or age profile being sought. However, with some encouragement from ourselves, a gentleman was persuaded to foster Diesel whilst the home search continued.  Within days we heard that Diesel and the gentleman had bonded and that Diesel was going nowhere – he was home.  Three months later Freddie [formerly Diesel] is settled and loved.  A perfect new beginning for him .

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