Dobby the precocious hen.


Dobby featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last July.

Dobby is somewhat facially challenged, pretty she isn’t but her personality inevitably compensates. A deformed beak is a relatively rare occurrence, and Dobby has shown that it presents no barrier to a full and interesting free range life.

She was not put forward for re-homing initially so that we could assess her ability to feed, but Dobby immediately dismissed concerns by illustrating that bolting her food was not a problem.  As is often the case, it took so little time for Dobby to worm her way into our affections that she stayed at the charity; a more up front, precocious, enchanting hen you’d be hard-pressed to meet. Dobby really just wants to be on your lap, carried, cuddled, or fed – there’s no in between, she likes to be centre stage.

Dobby is such a poignant reminder that all hens have the ability to tug at heartstrings, whatever their background and go on to provide endless joy, as well as a few eggs!

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What happened next?

Jane, the founder of British Hen Welfare gave the following update: “As for Dobby … urgh, I’m hopeless, I kept her.  I promise time and again that I won’t keep any more, and then within days they have wormed their way into my affection.  She is absolutely gorgeous, and having the time of her life. You can spot Dobby without even seeing her because she has a very loud and trumpety greeting; she is always so pleased to see me (I’ve usually got treats), and embraces her new free range life with relish.  And yes she shows her gratitude … with scrummy eggs.  Dobby is what you call ‘a cracker’!

June 2014 048

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