Doris the baby rabbit.


Doris featured in the Telegraph in September 2013

Doris was found in a garden as a stray. Attempts to locate her owners have been unsuccessful and it appears like thousands of unwanted pet rabbits each year she has been released to fend for herself. We estimate her to have only been around eight weeks old when found. Doris is a healthy crossbreed who we predict will be small/medium sized when fully grown. She will leave us once old enough to be safely neutered, and is looking for a home with a neutered companion. For more information please check our website or email

Please check our online petition

What happened next?

Doris is doing brilliantly in her new home. She was neutered once old enough and we then carefully bonded her to Jeffrey another sweet little bunny who was also in need of a companion. She left us to set up home with Jeffrey as a spoilt free range house bunny at the beginning of November.

Her new owners are really pleased with how she’s settled in. She is definitely the boss of Jeffrey apparently ha! However, they seem to be making each other very happy.

Doris and Jeffrey

Doris and Jeffrey

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