Hilary and Cedric


Hilary and Cedric featured in Pete’s column earlier this year.

Like so many rabbits Hilary found herself unwanted and neglected when her child owners lost interest in her. Cedric joined us separately. He had been bought on impulse from a pet shop and his family realised quite quickly that they had made a mistake.

Cedric is a one year old lion head with a fluffy mane and skirt, Hilary a two year old dutch. They are both medium sized rabbits in good health.

Cedric is a good natured rabbit. However, like many others doesn’t enjoy being picked up and so can be very wriggly. Hilary is not generally an aggressive rabbit. However, she has bitten once in the past soon after joining us.┬áThis was out of character. However, knowing this we feel that she wouldn’t be well suited to a home with young children.

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Hilary and Cedric found a wonderful new home in back in April, we had┬áthis update soon after “Just shut them in for the night and they seem to be settling in well. I have seen Hilary using the hop up shelf and will probably work out the cat flap soon enough and show Cedric. Cedric loves his green tunnel and I have seen him doing a bit of binkying in the run. Also Hilary has been doing a couple flops down in the litterboxes.” They are still really happy there and doing well.

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