Holly the hen


Holly featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph in January 2015.

Holly came out from a farm in the Southwest in December 2014 and was among an extra 500 hens saved from slaughter.  Although most of the hens went straight to their new homes, the extra lucky girls have had to wait for adoptive homes to come forward.  This dear ‘tatty-threadbare’ is in good health apart from a slight limp … which doesn’t stop her from free ranging one bit!  She is quite bold, holds her tail tall and is looking for a nice pet home, along with a few other hens, in which to enjoy her life.

If you would be happy to offer Holly or some other hens a home, please get in touch with the British Hen Welfare Trust at www.bhwt.org.uk or call us on 01884 860084.

What happened next?

Holly is thriving – living the free range life in a Devon orchard with her best friend Ivy (another ex-bat) and 4 other hens. She absolutely loves sunbathing, in a dustbath, sprawled on the grass, just about anywhere – she really does like to catch those rays. She’s fully feathered and her comb is now bright red – all in all her retirement is going well!

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