King Arthur is a 17 year old horse


King Arthur featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph in April 2015.

King Arthur has been with us since August 2014. He is 17 years old and is a 17hh Irish Draught X Thoroughbred. King Arthur has been retired and is looking for a home as a companion horse. He is very friendly and loves a cuddle! We are looking for somebody to give Arthur a forever home where he can live out his retirement in luxury with plenty of attention and lots of lovely grass to munch on!

Contact Margaret Green Animal Rescue in Dorset on 01929 480474 or visit

What happened next?

King Arthur is very well indeed. It is not always easy to find homes for horses as big as Arthur who are no longer ridden. He can really only live as a companion horse so it is taking a little while to find him his perfect home.

However, King Arthur is extremely happy grazing the fields here at our centre and even has a new best friend after his companion Rosie was rehomed. We have introduced Arthur to Rushington, a beautiful ex-racehorse who came to us earlier this year. Rushington is an amazing 29 years old (!) and after his racing career went on to teach hundreds of adults to ride. He is a true gentle giant and the perfect friend for Arthur who is just as gentle and just as giant!

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