Loopy and Rupert, two 1 year old cats who are brothers


Loopy and Rupert featured in August 2013

These beautiful, affectionate one year-old white brothers are seeking a special new home together. As they are deaf they would need to be homed as indoor cats, or ideally with secured outdoor access such as a run or fenced-off garden.

If you can offer Loopy and Rupert a loving home, please contact the Framlingham & Saxmundham Branch on 01728 723 499 or go to www.framandsax.cats.org.uk/framandsax/adopt-a-cat To find out more about other cats and kittens that need new homes around the UK, please phone Cats Protection’s national Helpline on 03000 12 12 12 or visit www.cats.org.uk

What happened next?

Happily for Rupert and Loopy their dilemma was seen taken up by the Daily Telegraph who featured them in the pet column in a Saturday edition.  This was spotted by a couple in Hampshire and the rest, as they say, is history.

Freddie (formerly Rupert) and Tilly May (formerly Loopy) have found a wonderful new home with new owners Julia and Martin and seem to want for nothing.  They are currently being kept indoors but a special safe outdoor run is being constructed for them to be allowed outside when the weather improves.  In the meantime they are enjoying exploring their new home and creating the type of havoc only young cats can get away with.  Apparently there have been a few breakages; a certain amount of curtain climbing and lots of chasing up and down stairs.

Freddie is a handsome lad with ice blue eyes and appears to be the quieter of the two enjoying lots of fuss and tickles.  Tilly May (a name meaning strong in battle) who has one wonderful golden and one bright blue eye, is quoted as being a ‘character’ and is the leaper and climber.  Both seem to have their new owners round their little paws.

In their update Julia told us: ‘We are so lucky to have Freddie and Tilly here with us, there’s never a dull moment with them.  They are just so lovely.  Their deafness doesn’t make much difference inside the house at all, occasionally we think Freddie has heard something but we can’t be sure.  Even if Tilly could hear I don’t think she would take much notice of us anyway! We’re looking forward to getting them outside in due course.’

We would like to thank Julia and Martin for giving Freddie and Tilly the chance they deserved.  It gives us such a boost and restores our faith that there is a home out there for even our hard to home felines.

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