Mr & Mrs Mouse are two year old rabbits.


Mr & Mrs Mouse feature in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last September.

Mr & Mrs Mouse are looking for a new home due to their owner’s house move. They are only two years old and have already had two homes through no fault of their own. They are lovely, friendly medium sized rabbits.
Sadly, Since joining us Mrs Mouse has needed to have one eye removed due to an abscess in her eyeball. She is otherwise in full health apart from having only the one eye! 
Mr Mouse is a long haired rabbit whose owner needs to be happy to brush him regularly, or keep his hair trimmed. Without this commitment he will get very matted. For this reason he is best suited as an indoor rabbit so he can be kept dry and clean.
Please consider giving these lovely hard to re-home rabbits a special home.

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What happened next?

Mr and Mrs Mouse are very happily settled in a new home together. They are living as pampered house rabbits. Their new owner is making sure that Mr Mouse’s long hair is groomed regularly keeping him tangle free.

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