Ossie is a lovely, obedient black Labrador.


Ossie featured last year in the Telegraph.

Ossie is a lovely black entire boy who is 10 years young.  He has a lovely temperament and is used to other dogs and people.  He does have elbow dysplasia on one side and this restricts his exercise.  Ideally he would need a home with no young children and where he can just have two 10 minute walks a day or a large garden to mooch about in. His medication is paid for by the Trust.  There must be someone out there who would love to give this dog a home and enjoy his company as much as he will enjoy yours.  A very obedient dog who just loves company of humans or another male dog that is going to be gentle with him.  Currently in foster in Berkshire and can be seen. Contact  info@labrador-lifeline.com or 01256 884027

What happened next?

Ossie has been successfully rehomed and is doing well.

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