A 16 month old Golden Labrador called Sam


Sam featured in November 2011

This week’s featured rescue dog is a lovely 16 month old Golden Labrador called Sam. He gets on well with other dogs and loves to play. He is very sociable with people, loving attention and cuddles. Sam has been with Dogs Friends for nearly a year due to the fact he has hip dysplasia. However, despite this, he can walk four miles once a week. He is a typical Labrador and will find the smallest, muddiest, smelliest patch of water and manage to get almost all of himself covered. He isn’t a dog for the house proud! He is wary of young children so would need a home with only teenage children or adults, and he would love another dog for company.

Dogs Friends is a small dog rescue society which rescues and rehomes dogs in the Bristol, Bath and North Somerset area. Like most rescue societies we have dogs that have been in our care for a long time through no fault of their own. Visit http://dogsfriends.me.uk/ to find out more.

What happened next?

We had three or four good enquiries for Sam. One couple who were from Lands End, Cornwall and another from the North of England. It wasn’t practical for Sam to go to either of these homes. Another family who were a suitable home but they would not agree that Sam would be neutered which is Dogs Friends policy so unfortunately he couldn’t go to them. At the same time, we got a good home offer through a Labrador rescue society of a home in Bournemouth and Sam was sucessfully rehomed with them where we hear he is doing very well.

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