A cross-bred Lurcher from Yorkshire, called Elton

Elton featured in December 2011.

This week’s rescue animal is a crossbred lurcher from Yorkshire called Elton. To find out more, visit¬†telegraph.co.uk/family/pets

What happened next?

Elton was just one when he was picked up as a stray and he was happily rehomed after a few months with Blue Cross. He lives with his new owner Victoria in her two bedroomed cottage and Elton and Victoria’s other 2 dogs share their own room.
Victoria said:
First of all, pre-adoption I decided he looked more like a Flynn than an Elton so I renamed him. Flynn is quite a cheeky name to me and cheeky he can be. Since being with me he has enjoyed camping in the lake district where the dogs had their own partitioned side of the tent! He enjoys daily walks in the local parks where he loves to run after balls and tries to keep up with my other much faster lurcher Murphy.

As well as the parks he enjoys exploring the local riverside, the beach and once or twice a week my mother walks him and my other two rescue dogs, the previously mentioned Murphy and Stan my greyhound. He has a particular liking for my mother, I think it’s because rather than a tennis ball she plays with him with his very own football which she keeps in her car for him! She takes them different places to where I take the dogs, I think it’s important to keep a dog interested and give them variety in their outings.

His favourite things are his tennis and footballs, my mother, an occasional treat of a sausage roll, his sofa (all dogs have a sofa and double bed to share in my spare (their) bedroom!!).


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