Baby rabbits that were found abandoned on a nature reserve


These rabbits featured in the Telegraph last year.

Rabbits – babies Bluebell and Aston were part of a litter of five rabbits found abandoned on a nature reserve. They were taken to Blue Cross in Burford, where they will be looking for new homes as soon as they are old enough. Contact Burford Blue Cross rehoming centre on 0300 777 1570

What happened next?

Aston is now called Dandelion and is living happily with his new family in Swindon. He shares his hutch with a friend, another Blue Cross rabbit called Thistle. They also come in the house when it’s cold and even hang out with the family’s two Blue Cross cats too!

Not good news for Bluebell though I’m afraid. She died just about a month ago when her owner decided to get her neutered. Apparently, she had been an amazing rabbit – very pretty, with lots of character and they’re still getting over losing her.

Dandelion and hernew friend Thistle

Dandelion and her new friend Thistle

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