Bob, a three-year-old boxer-mastiff cross


Bob featured on 31st January 2013

This week’s rescue pet is Bob, a three-year-old boxer-mastiff cross who needs a strong owner. To find out more, contact Sharon of Home Counties Boxer Welfare on 01908 317399

What happened next?

Bob was with us for a very long time and we are not sure why, perhaps it is because he is exuberant and big. Sadly too when a dog has been in kennels for a while people presume there is a problem and shy away.  

Starting from last summer we provided Bob with additional training help with his socialisation skills and it was encouraging to see him respond. In late January 2013, shortly after he appeared in the Telegraph, he was taken into a family home on a foster basis. He has responded so well to the care and
attention he is getting  – we have photos of him firmly and very happily planted within the family and we are optimistic that he may, just may be in his forever home.

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